• Tear-away stabiliser. This is torn away after the embroidery is completed.

Tearaways are used for woven fabrics such as cotton and denim as woven fabrics are more stable and don’t move as much in the hoop.  Some tear-away stabilizers have an adhesive on side that is fused (ironed on) to the back of the fabric.

  • Cut-away stabilizer. This is cut away after the embroidery is completed.

Cutaways are used for stretch and knit (non-woven) fabrics as these are unstable fabrics and need the extra stability of a cutaway – which is more resistant to needle penetrations.

  • Water-soluble stabilizer Rinseaway. This is washed away after the embroidery is completed.

·         Washaways (Rinseaway) are used whenever you want to remove the stabilizer completely after the piece is embroidered, e.g. free standing lace – but the fabric must be washable. Also used for toppings on napped materials.

  • Topping film.   Solvy. This is washed or ironed away after the embroidery is completed
Topping film (Solvy) is used on top of material that has a high pile, e.g. towels, velvet, fleece and some knits. If you don’t use a topping, the stitches sink into the material and bits will poke out through the embroidery stitches. These are called ‘pokies’ and are to be avoided.